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Crown Conjugal

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Attendants at the WFA Annual General Meeting (June 2008), were deeply moved by the emotional presentation to the WFA and the family, by Deborah Darby, of a family treasure that has been passed down from her Great Grandfather Col. George Wing, through her Grandmother Grace Wing Barnes and her mother, Miriam Barnes Darby. Deborah has very kindly donated an orginal copy of one of Rev. John Wing's sermons, "The Crowne Conivgall". This is a Deborah's presentation:




"Dear Ones,


Let me first introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’m Deborah Darby, great grand daughter of Col. George Washington Wing, grand daughter of Grace Wing Barnes, and daughter of Miriam Barnes Darby.

It was not until 2003 that I even became aware that there was a way to connect with my extended family.

My Father, Vene Darby passed away in 2001. That event opened up the realization that my ‘birth’ family would soon be no more. I would become an orphan in a few years. I thought deeply about this and had many dreams and insights, or realizations. I began to remember being with my Grandma Grace and felt that we were again together. Only this time, I was telling her my stories.

One day, out of the blue, (or maybe not) I felt as if I was being told to Google – Wing Family of America. This must have been mid-2003. An amazing thing happened! There was a web site! There was an application for membership! There were people that were passionate about the Wing Family just like my grandmother and my great grandfather had been. I filled out the membership form and sent it off. After some time, I received a beautiful note from Judy Pierson along with the 2002 OWL. And do you know what was in that OWL? A story about my grandmother, Grace Wing Barnes! I was overcome with the heart warming welcome of home.

I would routinely go back to the Wing Family of American website. I’m not sure why. But one day, when I went there, something was different. I don’t remember now what it was, but it looked like a way to meet other cousins. The rest is history. If it wasn’t for the Wing Family Meeting Place, I probably wouldn’t be here even now.

This document, this Sermon, has been passed down through my family so that, I feel in my heart, it could be returned to the family. Let me read the typed note that was taped on the inside cover which was typed by my Grandma Grace:

 “This book is the only copy of the Rev. John Wing’s first publication in America. There is one other copy in the British Museum. It is a part of the private library of Geo. W. Wing at Kewaunee, Wisconsin, and is invaluable to the family. It is always kept under lock and key. You will note that it is dedicated to the people of Sandwich, England. It is believed by the Wings that his widow Deborah named Sandwich, Mass. from her old English home.”

 I feel deeply priviledged to be a member of this very special family.

As soon as I reconnected with the family, it became apparent to be that this should be preserved historically for generations to come. I feel the presence of my Mother, Miriam, my Grandmother, Grace, my Great Grandfather, George, and the lineage to which we all belong.

It is my greatest pleasure to bring this document home."

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