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Daniel Wing

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  (submitted by Raymond T Wing)  


    Daniel Wing was born, probably at Sandwich, Kent, England, circa 1616. If a native of Sandwich, he would have the distinction of being the only originally settler of Sandwich, Massachusetts born at it's namesake city. Shortly after his birth, the family moved to Hamburg (now in Germany), where Rev. John Winge was pastor for the Society of Merchant Adventurers. The family's stay at Hamburg was rather short, for in 1620 the family moved to Flushing, Zeeland (now the Netherlands). They lived in Flushing for several years, but moved to The Hague in 1627.


    It appears that Rev. John was making arrangements to emigrate to the New World when he died in 1629 or 1630. His widow did move her family to New England with her father, Rev. Stephen Bachiler, in early 1632. They lived at Saugus (now Lynn) for five years, before moving to the new settlement on Cape Cod - Sandwich.


    Daniel purchased the homestead of Andrew Hallett, one of the original settlers of Sandwich who had decided to mover further up the Cape to Yarmouth. The WFA is in possession of the Deed where Andrew sold the land to Daniel. This deed has the distinction of being the oldest surviving deed to property on Cape Cod. In addition, the home is recognized by the Massachusetts Historical Commission as being the oldest home on the Cape.


    Daniel married Hannah Swift of Sandwich on 5 NOV 1642. Hannah had 10 children and died ten days after her last child was born, on 31 JAN 1664/5. The widow Daniel married Anna Ewer in JUN 1666. At the time of this marriage, Daniel was about 50 years old, yet he and Anna had 3 children who all survived. Given the fact that as men age, their sperm are more likely to contain random mutations, this has implications in the DNA research being undertaken by the family.


    Daniel embraced the new Quaker religion and suffered greatly under the Quaker persecution. The constant fines had come to the point where he was afraid of losing his homestead. In order to escape that fate, he had his estate probated during his lifetime and given to his children. This event has caused much confusion to family historians ever since.


    Daniel died at Sandwich on 10 MAR 1697/8 and his wife Anna probably died around 1720.


    Children of Daniel Wing, by first wife, Hannah Swift

Hannah, born 28 JUL 1643

Lydia, born 23 MAY 1647

Deborah, born 10 OCT 1648, died before 1660

[poss.] Mary, born 13 OCT 1650. If she existed, then she probably died young

Samuel, born 28 AUG 1652

Hepzibah, born 7 NOV 1654, never married.

John, born 14 NOV 1656

Beulah, born 16 NOV 1658

Deborah, born NOV 1660

Daniel, born 21 JAN 1664/5


Daniel Wing had by second wife, Anna Ewer

Experience, born 4 AUG 1668

Bachelor, born 10 DEC 1671

Jashub, born 30 MAR 1674





Daniel Wing's Children & Their Spouses


Dillingham: Edward Dillingham came to America in 1632 on the ship "WILLIAM & FRANCIS" with children Oseth, Henry and John. He was called a “Gentleman” and appeared to have been well-educated and had considerable property. In 1637 he received a large grant of land on Cape Cod and, with nine others, founded the town of Sandwich. He was very active in community affairs of Sandwich. In 1657 he was arrested and censured for being sympathetic to the Quakers

Samuel Wing & Mary Dillingham - Samuel married sometime before 1676 Mary Dillingham, a daughter of Edward Dillingham's son, Henry.

Daniel Wing II & Deborah Dillingham - Daniel II married Mary Dillingham's sister, Deborah, in 1686. Deborah and Mary's brother, Jonathan, married Lydia Hatch, sister to the wife of Bachelor Wing, Joanna.


Stephen Wing, uncle to brothers Samuel & Daniel II, married Osheah Dillingham, aunt to sisters Mary & Deborah Dillingham.

John Wing II, another uncle to brothers Samuel & Daniel II, married Elizabeth Dillingham, sister to Osheah and Henry Dillingham


Spooner: Arriving in America in 1637, William Spooner was first apprenticed as an indentured servant to John Holmes of New Plymouth until he was transferred to John Coombs of Plymouth. He resided in Plymouth until about 1660, when he moved to Acushnet, Bristol county, Massachusetts, where he died in 1684.

John Wing & Martha Spooner - John married Martha Spooner of Dartmouth, daughter of William Spooner, in 1683.

Experience Wing & Samuel Spooner - Experience married Martha Spooner's brother, Samuel, in Sandwich.


Hatch: Thomas Hatch was presented to the Bishop on 19 Nov 1627 by the churchwardens of Wye for teaching school without a license. He was presented at every subsequent court until 9 Jun 1628 when he procured the necessary license. The date of his emigration to New England is not known for certain, but he probably came with his brother William, on William's second trip to New England in the "CASTLE" in 1638. He settled at Scituate and was freeman 5 Mar 1638/9

*Bachelor Wing & Joanna Hatch - Married 1693 in Sandwich Ma, Joanna was the daughter of Scituate Ma. shipbuilder, Jeremiah Hatch, son of Thomas Hatch.


Bachelor's cousin, Nathaniel Wing, son of Stephen, married Sarah Hatch, cousin to Bachelor's wife, Joanna, and Lydia Hatch


Barlow: "George Barlow [born 1620 in Winchester England] replaced William Bassett as the constable in Sandwich MA. His duties were those of jailer, the administration of punishments and the collection of fines and fees. Once he took over these duties "Sandwich thereby went abruptly from a democratic town run by its own citizens, to a little police state run by a stranger with wide powers, who turned out to be a nasty and drunken man as well"..." His name adds no honor to the annals of the Old Colony...a hard-hearted, intolerant, tyrannical man, abusing the power entrusted to him, and seemingly taking delight in confiscating the property of innocent men and women. or dragging them to prison, to the stocks or the whipping post."

Beulah Wing & Aaron Barlow - In 1682, Beulah married Quaker Aaron Barlow, son of George Barlow.


Hannah Wing, likely the daughter of John Wing (son of John, brother to Daniel), married Moses Barlow, brother to Aaron.




Jashub Wing & Anna Hoxie



Hannah Wing & Jedidiah Lombard



Lydia Wing & 1st husband, Thomas Hamilton/Hambleton



Lydia Wing & 2nd husband, John Abbott


Dungan: Rev.Thomas Dungan came to Rhode Island with his mother and step-father before 1638, and were some of the first settlers of Newport. Thomas studied the ministry under both Roger Wiliams and the Rev. William Vaughn in Rhode Island.

Deborah Wing & William Dungan - Deborah married William Dungan, son of Rev Thomas Dungan.

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