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Deborah of John

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  (submitted by Raymond T Wing)  


    Deborah Wing was the oldest child of Rev. John Winge and Deborah Bachiler. She was baptized at Strood, Kent on 12 OCT 1609. As her father was the parish priest, this baptismal record is in his own hand. 


    Little is known of Deborah Wing. She is mentioned in the will of her grandfather, Matthew Wynge, in 1614. She is later mentioned in an official record as follows:

    In the "Q.R. Miscell., 560-562, Licenses to pass beyond the sea, Eliz, to Car. I." Public Records office, London, is this quaint entry: "XXII Junii 1624, Deborah Wynge XXXII years old, wife of Mr. John Winge, preacher, resident in Vlishing, with her two children, vizi, Stephen III years old and Debora Winge XIII years old. Vrs. ib. 't."


    She is also mentioned in the will of her father, in 1629. Her father states that she has already been "advanced in marriage" Given this unique wording, it appears that Deborah's marriage ceremony may not have actually have taken place by the date of the will, but that a contract had been arranged. While early records indicated that Deborah married Edward Fo(o)rd (a London merchant) it appears that this is in error, as Edward was married (by Rev. John Winge) around 1624.


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