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John Winge

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    (submitted by Raymond T Wing)


    John Winge was baptized at St. Mary's Church, Banbury, Oxford, England on 12 JAN 1584/5, the 3rd son (and 6th child) of Matthew Wynge and his first wife, Mary __?    .  He entered Oxford University on 15 OCT 1599, and at the age of 14, was at that time the youngest student ever to be enrolled.  He graduated with a B.A. from Queen's College, Oxford on 12 FEB 1603/4.


    John was first installed as a minister at St. Nicholas Church, Strood, Kent, England by late 1608, upon the death of the previous priest (Undoubtedly the "Mr williams" who died 5 DEC 1608) . A study of the handwriting of the parish register indicates that John may have been there as early as 1605 (possibly assisting the previous pastor).  At about the same time John married Deborah Bachiler, the eldest daughter of Rev. Stephen Bachiler. John continued to preach there until the latter part of NOV 1614. The first two children of John and Deborah (coincidentally named Deborah and John) were baptized at Strood in 1609 & 1611 respectively.


    John lived in Sandwich, Kent, England at one time. The only time available would have been during the period between his serving at Strood and his becoming pastor to the Merchant Adventurers at Hamburg.  Rev. John's sermon "The Crown Conjugall" was preached here. This was his earliest sermon that he later published (in NOV 1620). Their son, Daniel was likely born there during this time period. If so, Daniel would have the distinction of being the only original settler of Sandwich in Plymouth Colony to have been born at its namesake city.


    Rev. John Winge became the minister to the Society of Merchant Adventures at Hamburg by 1617. During his stay at Hamburg, John published at least two of his sermons:  "Jacob's Staffe" and "Abel's Offering" both published in 1617.  While these were the two earliest sermons he published, he drafted them after his sermon "The Crown Conjugall." While living at Hamburg, John and Deborah had a son (Joseph) baptized (5 NOV 1618). However, this son apparently died young.


    Rev. John was installed as the pastor of the English Church at Flushing on 19 JUN 1620. While living at Flushing, he also periodically preached at Middelburg. It appears that Stephen, and possibly other children, were born at Flushing. He removed to The Hague, where he was installed the priest of the English Church there about 10 MAR 1627. The youngest son, Matthew, apparently was born while the family lived at Flushing.


    It appears that life in the Dutch cities ruined John's health. As early as 1620, in the dedication of his book "The Crown Conjugal" he spoke of "afflection upon mine external state, doe daily provoke and deeply challenge from me..." In his letter to Sir Dudley Carleton Rev. John stated that he had been so ill he could not even hold a quill pen to write.


    It appears that Rev. John had decided to emigrate to New England, but his health worsened, and he died before plans can be finalized. He left a will at St. Mary Aldermary, London, dated 2 NOV 1629. The will stated all of his property was to be sold and the monies divided between his widow and his children. It is believed that he may have also had made out a will at The Hague.


    John Winge and Deborah Bachiler had the following children:

Deborah, baptized Strood, Kent, England 12 OCT 1609

John, baptized Strood, Kent, England 1 SEP 1611

Daniel, born probably at Sandwich, Kent, England circa 1616

Joseph, baptized at Hamburg (now Germany) 5 NOV 1618. He probably died young.

Stephen, born probably at Flushing (now the Netherlands) circa 1621.

Daughters, names unknown

Matthew, born probably at The Hague after 1627.





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                map showing where John Winge lived

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