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Stephen Wing

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   (submitted by Raymond T Wing) 


   Stephen Wing was born, probably at Flushing, Zeeland (now the Netherlands) circa 1621. He was called three years of age on 22 JUN 1624 when his mother, sister (Deborah) and Stephen received a license to travel from England to Zeeland to return home. The ages listed for both mother and daughter were slightly off (both being a couple years older than officially recorded) so it is possible that Stephen was born a couple years earlier than 1621.


    Stephen spent his early life in the cities of Flushing and The Hague in what is now the Netherlands. It is likely that the Dutch society had a major influence in his life and lifestyle. One reason why English colonists moved to the New World from their previous abodes on the European continent was due to the fear that continental life was having a negative influence on the children's beliefs. There was fear that they were losing their English identity.


    Stephen lost his father and emigrated to New England shortly before he became a teenager. It is likely that in New England he was educated by his grandfather, Rev. Stephen Bachiler. Stephen was about 16 year old when the family moved to Sandwich. When it became time for Stephen to leave the home nest, and find a place of his own, he was either granted, or purchased, property on Spring Hill, East Sandwich.


    This residence, the Wing "Fort House", has the distinction of being the oldest house in America continuously owned by the same (surnamed) family. It passed down the line, from generation to generation, until 1942 when the Wing Family of America, Inc. [WFA] purchased the homestead from Cora Wing.  Since that time, the "Fort House" has been converted into a museum and serves as the official headquarters of the WFA.


    It is believed that at one time the "Fort House" had served as a Fort for protection from the indians. An archealogical dig during the annual reunion in 2006 discovered remains of a large post, which possibly was part of a palisade fence. Some historians believe the fort was built when the town was settled in 1637. It was soon discovered that the indians living on the Cape were friendly, and the fort was not needed, so it was granted to/purchased by Stephen.  Other historians believe it was used as a Fort during King Philip's War (1675-1676). Still others feel it was never used as a fort.


    Stephen married Osheah [Oseth] Dillingham in the fall of 1646. The time of his marriage has been determined by the fact he and his wife appeared in court in March 1646/7 and fined for having a child (Nathaniel) born "at an unseasonable time after their marriage." While Osheah had other children, only Nathaniel lived to reach maturity and Osheah herself died on 29 APR 1654. A little more than ten months later, Stephen was married to Sarah Briggs, the orphan daughter of John and Katherine Briggs of Sandwich.


    Stephen, with his brother Daniel, embraced the new Quaker faith around 1658. He was repeatedly fined for his beliefs, but not to the same level that his brother faced. After the Quaker percecution ended Stephen became the Town Clerk for Sandwich. Stephen was probably the last surviving original settler of Sandwich. He died on 24 APR 1710. He almost certainly lies in an unmarked grave at the original Friends' Cemetery at Sandwich.


Stephen Wing and his first wife, Osheah Dillingham, had the following children:

Nathaniel, born before MAR 1646/7.

Ephraim, born 2 APR 1649, buried 10 DEC 1649.

Mercy, born 13 NOV 1650, presumably died young.


Stephen Wing and his second wife, Sarah Briggs, had the following children:

Stephen, born 2 SEP 1656, killed during King Philips War on 26 MAR 1676.

Sarah, born 5 FEB 1658/9

John, born 25 FEB 1661

Abigail, born 1 MAY 1664, never married.

Elisha, born 2 FEB 1668/9

Ebenezer, born 11 JUL 1671

Matthew, born 1 MAR 1673/4










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